Thinking Locally, Acting Globally at Arbor Services

Everything’s busy here – plant health care season has just started, so that means lots of activity.
We’re looking forward to participating in the Villages of Washington Community Day (May 28th), we’ll have a table and would love to meet you. More information to follow.

It’s not spring without spring cleaning! Massive piles of logs and waste wood get stored at our facilities over the winter, and then in spring, some of it gets milled, some becomes firewood, and some, as we tweeted earlier, some of it is being turned into siding.
We’ll definitely be providing photos as the construction of the Kimberly farm stand in New Milford progresses.

When you’re getting involved locally, it can be easy to forget how far things travel. About 2 months ago we posted pictures of worn-out Arbor Services uniform shirts being turned into shop rags.
Shirts to shop rags T-shirts into shop rags

A Flickr contact, a Brazilian forest engineer, saw the pictures and asked that we send him a t-shirt.
So we did, and he has just posted a picture of himself with the shirt.

He’s working at ToraBrasil, a company that produces luxury furniture that’s FSC certified. Wouldn’t have met him without the internet.

Cool, right? In 2010 we purchased a number of cutting boards from a Dutch design firm (Oooms) to give as year-end gifts. Gorgeous boards, made from FSC certified beech. Wouldn’t have discovered them without the internet.

We’re grateful to be able to support artisans, contractors and farmers, locally and abroad, and happy to be in contact with colleagues throughout the world.

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