The aesthetic evolution of an Arbor Services proposal suite

From this plain blue portfolio folder:
Old portfolio folders

Sent in this white poly mailer:

White poly mailer

To this new folder with pictures by Richard (exterior) and Visko (interior):

front & back of proposal folders
interior of proposal folder

Sent in this 100% recycled Kraft Mailer:

100% recycled Kraft envelopes, with new Moo stickers

This is what the stickers look like (all sticker photos by Visko):
new Moo stickers

new Moo stickers

new Moo stickers

Although the white poly mailers were recyclable, they were made out of new material. The white/blue package was boring, easily lost or misplaced, and not the greenest approach nor yet a great representation of what Arbor Services can do. We make an effort to give you the best service we’re capable of, so why shouldn’t the proposal suite match that?

We’re happy to have found a green solution that’s also visually pleasing. Want to get one? We don’t blame you! Give us a call to set up an estimate and you can see this in your mailbox very soon. :)

This is all made possible by
Visko Hatfield Photography
Richard Wanderman Photography
Willy Walt Printing (folders)
Moo (stickers)
Envelope Mall (envelopes)

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