Boxwood Blight and how we can help you

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably concerned about the boxwood blight currently spreading in Connecticut.

The Litchfield County Times has a good overview article here, and the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station has a great handout here.

If you are concerned that your boxwoods may already be infected with this blight, don’t panic!

Take a good look at the pictures in the article and handout above and if you have reason to be concerned, you can contact the experiment station here:

Plant Disease Information Office
Phone: 203-974-8601
Statewide Toll-Free: 877-855-2237

They’ll talk you through sending in a sample, which is diagnosed free of charge.
Should your plant material prove to be infected, they can let you know how keep the diseased material from infecting your healthy plants.

To our green industry readers: be proactive!
Share this information with your clients. You both need to be prepared to start a preventative fungicide treatment routine in the spring.

Homeowners: share this information with your neighbors! The disease spreads rapidly under warm, humid conditions. According to Dr. Douglas at the Experiment station, the fungi are sticky and thus not easily windborne, but rather spread by animals or birds, by humans (on shoes), or if the diseased material was to be composted and then the compost applied to uninfected material.

We strongly recommend that you hire a professional with a state-issued pesticide applicator’s license and insurance (ask for proof) to apply these treatments.
You want the chemicals to really drench the plant material in order to ensure that every surface is coated.
Having personally used the pump-up sprayers available to homeowners, I can tell you they are wildly less effective than the spray guns used by our plant health-care team.

If you’re in the Northwest Corner, give us a call to set up an estimate. A member of our team would be delighted to meet with you and walk your property.
As always, we’re at 800-690-2726, or our email can be found on the home page.

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